Before You Leave

Documentation is essential. Ensure that you have collated all essential paperwork – Visa, Passports, Birth Certificates, Marriage (and Divorce) certificates. It’s a good idea to have spare copies of these as you will be asked many times to produce these documents. Some companies and organisations will need to see the original document whilst others will accept copies.It is also important to obtain up to date “proof of no claims entitlement” from both your last  car and household insurance comapnies as these will usually be accepted in Australia and gain you cheaper prices for new policies.

Financial advice is also essential. Take good financial advice to prepare you for your departure from your homeland and entrance into Australia. Tax advice, Currency advice and Pension (Superannuation) ad vice are all essential and can save you valuable money in the short and long term.

When You Arrive

Tax File Number

To gain employment you need a Tax File number, which will take 2-4 weeks. This application can only be made once you have acually arrived in Australia. Applications can be lodged online see  Once you have received your Tax file number, parents will be eligible to apply for child benefit. (Family tax credit)

To apply for child benefit you will need your Tax file number, your child’s birth certificates, passports and proof of address. Centrelink will require you to complete an application form, which is available from their office and will take around 4 weeks to be assessed.(Check links page).

The Tax File centre is the Australian equivalent to the Inland Revenue office.

Centrelink is the government benefits centre, job club and holds general information on welfare issues.



Telstra payphones are common all over the country and accept a variety of payment methods- Coins, Telstra phone cards and some accept credit cards as well.

Prepaid Phone Cards
These are available from newsagents, convenience stores,post offices and various other outlets and can be used from both landlines and payphones.The number of service providers continues to grow rapidly and so its wise to shop around for the best deal.Rates for calling internationally are regularly displayed on sales literature within the stores selling the cards.

Mobile Phones
Check with your service provider in your home country before relying on being able to use your phone when you arrive in Australia. Experience has taught us that using your own UK or USA mobile phone works out to be very expensive compared to purchasing a pre pay (pay as you use) type mobile and recharge card from one of the main suppliers here.                                                                                                                                                                                                     We offer a range of prepaid phones for you to purchase upon your arrival in Perth. From as little as $79 you get a new phone fully charged with $130 of phone credit. Recharge cards can also be purchased from $29.
Mobile & Prepaid Sim companies( check the links page as these products change daily)

Internet access
Libraries (WA)
Libraries offer Internet access for free however they do require you to become a member, this is also free, and available to all. You must provide ID and evidence of your address to become a member. Emails are not allowed on the Library service but in the larger libraries they do have Internet access machines (PIE) allowing all the usual browsing & emails for a fee.

Net cafes
Internet cafes are relatively common in built-up areas. They can generally be found in city and town centres.

ISPs ( Internet Service Providers)
You can purchase monthly ISP CDs from Target, Big Ws, Post Office and other retailers, they all offer the same products but sometimes offer 2 for 1 deals. These offers change on a weekly basis so its best to always shop around. You can also subscibe to a monthly contract from a fixed landline telephone provider with unlimited access and other international call rate discounts. These are cheaper depending on how long you need to be online. Check the links page for the latest contacts.

Hotmail E-mail Account. It is worth setting up a roaming email address with Hotmail as it will enable you to access emails via Internet cafes or Library Internet Access Pie machines. This is useful for family & friends and other important contacts while you are relocating. Hotmail is a free service and you can register at the link below. Just follow the on screen instructions.



Telephone billing is based on a 30 day period. The principal supply company is Telstra-
This company also provides mobile phone, internet (Bigpond) and satellite TV (Foxtel) packages.

Gas supply accounts are generated every quarter year. the sole supplier for Perth is Alinta-

Electricity bills are generated bi-monthly (60 days). Principal supplier is Synergy-

Water charges are billed on two seperate accounts.Properties are billed on an annual basis for a service (supply) charge.This account is billed on the 1st day of July each year. Water usage is billed every 6 months (May and November). Sole supplier is Water Corporation-

Shire Rates (council tax) are payable annually and can be split into 4 equal payments for a fee. If you purchase a property these Rates are paid on settlement and are a percentage of the 12 months. The payment year runs from June to June.

Setup Charges. All of the utility companies charge a setup fee for new accounts and installation charges. These charges apply to new home owners and tennants alike.

Trading Hours In Western Australia

Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm or 5pm. Some now open on Saturday mornings.

Post Office
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm .Some also open on Saturday mornings.
Mail is delivered Monday- Friday. No Service on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays.

Retailers: Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm or 5:30pm. Thursday 9am-9pm , whilst Shopping Centres often open 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and are mostly closed on Sundays.

Postal Services and Mail
Stamps: Internal domestic 50 cents, International from $2.00

Power Supply
Power supply is 240 volts AC, 50 Hz, using a three-pinned socket. Plug adaptors for European, North American and other plugs are widely available for around $10.

Much has been written by people far more technical than us relative to the performance of UK, North American and Japanese TV/Video and DVD equipment. Frankly it is so hard  to understand that unless you are an expert and with technology developing so quickly its better and certainly more cost effective to sell your equipment in your native country prior to leaving.The only sensible real exception to this appears to be your personal DVD collection. DVD’s are relatively easy to transport and multi region DVD players are easy to locate in Perth.

The Australian telephone network is different to Europe therefore fax machines & telephones from the UK will not work.

Calling from Overseas
The prefix for dialing Australia from overseas is 00 61.
When dialing from overseas, you should drop the first 0 from the area code – e.g. 08 for Western, Southern & Northern Australia becomes 8.

(00-61-8-Then your 8 digit Perth number.)

STD (area) codes
(02) for NSW,
(03) for VIC and TAS,
(07) for QLD,
(08) for SA, WA and the NT

Calling within Australia
The number to dial for emergency services is 000. This is a free call.
From mobile phones 000 & 112 will also work. REMEMBER 000 is for REAL EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY. For all non emergency calls to the emergency services please dial 131444.