In an emergency, dial 000. This is a free call from any phone.
Dial 112 from a mobile phone.
The operator will ask if you require police, fire or paramedic.

Medicare is the subsidised/free health system, allowing most short term visitors reciprocal health cover.Permenant residents are eligible for full cover once they have registered.Temporary residents holding long stay visas are advised to take out private medical insurance of which there are several providers. Medibank Private is one such provider- see
Department of Health information for visitors to Australia acn be obtained from-

It is advisable to take out travel insurance before travelling, whether you are planning to stay on a short or permanent basis. All Australian citizens and permanent visa holders are required to apply for a Medicare card. This application is placed at the main Medicare office in your suburb. Identification , passport, visa and proof of address will be required to issue a Medicare number.

Ambulances are not covered under Medicare, even for Australians and permanent visa holders. For visitors, their Travel Insurance should cover ambulance fees.

Health Costs
If you need medication during your stay, a prescription must be obtained from a doctor and the medicine dispensed by a chemist. You will have to pay for both consultation & treatment whether you are are an adult or child. Check your travel insurance for details.

If you are emigrating you need to register with ‘Medicare’ a.s.a.p. this will allow you to pay less for prescription drugs and doctors fees.

Doctor’s consultation will cost around $60 unless they allow ‘bulk billing’ which will cover the complete cost. If not, you can claim back around 75% of the doctors fee from Medicare or your private medical insurer.

Prescriptions will cost from $10 – $50 per item depending on the medication. You will need to show your Medicare and private medical insurance membership card to the Pharmacist for processing.
Chemists are open at regular shopping hours, 9am to 5pm, but every major town has at least one chemist that opens for longer trading hours- around 7pm at night and also one 24-hour pharmacy. Standard medical items such as Band-Aids and aspirin are readily available from service stations, general stores, supermarkets.