About Us

about_us_pic1Lets-Perth.com was established by Carl Freeman in 2001 as one of the first companies to specialise in assisting new and potential migrants to Perth. Frustrated by difficulties he had experienced first hand in his own families migration Carl set about establishing a network of quality, fully furnished short term rental properties. In addition to this Carl developed an information service that would serve to help thousands of migrants over the next 10 years.

In 2006, Carl met Simon and Jane Wood, themselves in the process of migrating from the UK. Simon was completing the sale of his UK business and looking for potential business opportunities in Perth. Simon had developed his UK business- Panelco Limited, from a standing start in 1998 to annual turnover of 23 Million UK Pounds in 2006 and employed in excess of 100 people around 4 sites in England and Scotland.

In October 2007 Simon and Jane duly migrated to Perth and now control and run all activities of Lets-Perth.com

We have taken Carl’s firm foundations for the company and added our own sense of passion and professionalism to ensure that Lets-Perth.com provides an unrivalled level of service to all our clients.


Portfolio of Services
We are the only short term rental property business in Perth to have its own car hire business.
We operate our own Airport Transfer and Private Tour Business.
We employee our own cleaning and maintenance staff

Residential Properties
We have purchased properties designed to offer the highest level of comfort, surrounded by the best amenities and facilities and located in some of the finest areas of Perth. Our properties are designed to cater for all types of visitors and include:

  • City Centre Apartments.
  • Award Winning Golf Resort Living Townhouses.
  • Family Homes With Swimming Pool Facilities.

Mission Statement
The process of migration is one of the most strenuous and difficult things that a family or individual will encounter in their life. The highs and lows are incredible and it is our mission to ensure that our clients are helped as much as possible throughout this time.

We aim to:

  • Provide premier quality fully furnished short term accommodation.
  • Provide the most cost efficient car hire rental in Perth.
  • Be the most cost efficient operator in our sector.
  • Host the most effective website with clear and concise information about all our properties and Perth.
  • Assist all clients with help to ensure that they arrive in Perth fully prepared for this experience and once here network them with quality, reliable and cost effecient service providers.